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Quincy Bioscience Recognizes Health Literacy Month With Free Brain Health Book

October 10th, 2012

Madison, WI (October 2012) — Quincy Bioscience recognizes Health Literacy Month by offering a free copy of The Brain Health Guide to the public.

Health Literacy Month creates awareness for the need of consumers to receive understandable health information. Literacy in personal health topics empowers people to make informed decisions about their health.

Brain health is a common topic especially among older Americans, whose population is now growing at an ever-increasing rate. More and more people are now concerned with keeping their brains sharp as they age, and are looking for solutions for their forgetfulness and memory loss.

Quincy Bioscience believes that an informed people are an empowered people, and have made The Brain Health Guide available for free. The free book will give readers the knowledge they need to keep their brains healthy.

In The Brain Health Guide, readers will receive information that is designed to help lead a healthier life. The Brain Health Guide will teach more about memory fitness, the most up-to-date research, and the role calcium plays in the nervous system.

The theme for this year’s Health Literacy Month is “taking action.” Readers are encouraged to download a free copy of The Brain Health Guide and take action to learn about their brain health.

A free copy of The Brain Health Guide is available at www.thebrainhealthguide.com.